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Spirit Communication is considered outside the scope of modern scientific reasoning. Spirits communicating with this plain of existence often defy conventional explanations and fall into the realm of the mysterious and unexplained. 



Spirit Communications

Karen's readings are engaging and distinctive, offering her clients a sense of clarity, tranquility, and inspiration. Utilizing Tarot and Oracle cards, she connects with her Spirit team, who impart their wisdom and insights about the past and present, while Karen takes notes for you to keep as a reminder of your session. Clients often express astonishment at Karen's ability to reveal both the visible and invisible aspects of the world around them. Allow her and her Spirit team to lead you on a journey of self-discovery and divine exploration. In addition, Karen employs Spirit Art, Flame messages, pendulums, psychometry, and gallery-style Table Tipping to forge a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. She may use various methods as directed by her Spirit team. It's important to note that the Spirit will communicate what they wish for you to understand, which may not always align with your expectations.

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