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Spirits can be the energy force of a loved one or ancestor, a spirit guide, or angel.  They are capable of returning in some form to the world of the living.

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A little clarification, please...

The difference between Psychic & Intuitive


They both are considered “Divine Gifts” and tend to “work” on very much the same level.


A Psychic’s job is to translate the information they receive, these abilities are a result of being in tune with nonphysical force; like energy and are activated by conscious will.


An intuitive works with their instinct and does not need to figure out the message; they get a mini scene, or a “flash of insight”. Usually that means it does not need to be translated; they just communicate what they have been shown.


So what are “Mediums” ?

The definition is simply “about halfway between extremes”. It is an umbrella term to describe a person who acts as an intermediary between the deceased and the living. Depending on their gift a Medium is able to communicate Spirit’s message with or without any other tools.


 1. Clairvoyance—the gift of clear seeing This gift can provide visions of colors, images, words, and patterns of energy recognized by the mind’s eye.


2. Clairaudience—the gift of clear hearing.              Clear hearing is a gift that can be heard

within your mind, internally, like your inner dialogue, or as a sound outside of yourself, externally. 

3. Claircognizance—the gift of clear knowing.  This is an immediate download of information          from your intuition, which is a direct line to the highest self.

It provides an action or answer without having any idea how you know it.


4. Clairsentience—the gift of clear feeling.  This gift comes through as a feeling

& typically manifests as an Empath; someone who feels deeply what others are feeling.


Mediumship & Spiritual Table Tipping

What is Spiritual Table Tipping  It is a form of Physical Mediumship/Spirit Communication where your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and/or loved ones who have passed can communicate with you by moving the table to answer your questions. ​ It is very powerful and it is very healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. ​ A session will begin with a little grounding and centering ourselves, raising our vibration, and then welcoming Spirit to join us and to move or lift the table to physically communicate answers asked of them.  The medium(s) on the table are usually able to provide verbal answers that they are receiving and most times the table will confirm or deny what was said.

Table answering question from the gallery.

When there is more than YES/NO answers the psychics on the table help deliver messages.

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According to Wikipedia: "Table-turning (also known as table-tipping) is a type of séance in which participants sit around a table, place their hands on it, and wait for rotations. The table was purportedly made to serve as a means of communicating with the spirits" History: ​ "When the movement of Modern Spiritualism first reached Europe from America in the winter of 1852–1853, the most popular method of consulting the spirits was for several persons to sit round a table, with their hands resting on it, and wait for the table to move. ​

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