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The entrepreneurial spirit refers to a mindset and set of qualities that drive individuals to take initiative, create new opportunities, and pursue innovative solutions.


Karen's Kraft Room
The Mobile Unit

Karen's Kraft Room - The Mobile Unit is a versatile mobile space that combines creativity and spirituality. It's a dual sanctuary for craft enthusiasts and those seeking spiritual guidance.

On one side it's a fully equipped craft room on wheels.

On the other side, it's a peaceful space for spiritual guidance, with a private setting for a psychic reading.

Karen provides insightful clairaudient messages with the assistance of her Spirit Team and her tarot or oracle cards.

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The Mobile Unit

The Mobile Unit was created to be my idea of a more accessible "bricks & mortar" shop that can travel to you, for your event convenience.  We will be providing crafting events at various locations throughout the year. Join us for some fun while creating one-of-a-kind items for that special someone or that super special YOU! We have the supplies & tools that you will need, we offer suggestions & options, and any guidance you may need. 

Products & Special orders

What does a Groovy Gran/Crazy Mom, craft supply collecting, DIYer, Pinterest & TicTok addict do to keep busy?

Well she creates, of course! 

Stop by the vendor booth to see the beautiful, handcrafted products available to purchase.

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, then you can special order it.

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"Psychic" Readings

Are you looking for a spiritual journey that can bring you clarity and confidence?

Karen and her Spirit Team can be of assistance. Discover helpful life tips and explore yourself through clairaudient readings.

Interested in having a Psychic Party?

There are a few different options, that include a learning opportunity, readings, table tipping and more!

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