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Karen's Kraft Room - The Mobile Unit

Karen Dunckel

Karen's Kraft Room 
The Mobile Unit

Step inside this transformed 1970's little camper and into a one-of-a-kind mobile haven where creativity and spirituality converge.

Once a humble camper, it has been transformed into a dual-purpose sanctuary that caters to both the hands-on craft enthusiast and the advice-searching individual.


The Mobile Unit is a full craft room on wheels. It’s a treasure trove of materials and inspiration, from colorful beads to glass, wood, resin and more. Visitors can immerse themselves in the joy of creating their own artistic treasure and leaving with not just a piece of art, but an experience to cherish.

Inside at the table 
       or Outside at the bar

or. . .

A peaceful retreat for those seeking guidance in a magickal space dedicated to spirit communication & psychic readings.

Private Readings

Karen’s Kraft Room – The Mobile Unit is more than just a camper; it’s a journey into the heart of creativity and intuition.

It travels from town to town and is available for private events.

An opportunity for self-expression and discovery.

You are invited to join us and explore the crafts of the hands

and/or the insights of the spirit.

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