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v "spirited; to carry off mysteriously or secretly"

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Peddling Gypsies & Co.

Welcome to the exciting world of Peddling Gypsies & Company!

We are dedicated to helping small business entrepreneurs find a place to feature & promote their products and/or services.

Additionally, we hope to help anchored businesses get attention by hosting unique temporary retail spaces to our Gypsies.

What will you find at a Peddling Gypsy & Company event?


You will find a group of people that are kind, open-minded, and welcoming to all!

You will find a fun & friendly environment!


You will find fabulous people running small businesses offering some unique, one-of-a-kind handmade products.  You will find treasures & goodies!

You will also find people in direct sales, that sell unique products directly from the company to the consumer (cutting out the brick & mortar price hikes).

You will find Holistic products & services to help cure what ails you or metaphysical items & spirit communication to give you some insight from the other side.


So reward yourself with a break from your busy life AND have some fun; come get a reading, do some crafts, and shop, shop, shop our small businesses. Every month our vendors can change and new products or services are added.

Join us as we do it "Gypsy style"!

Hello we are the leaders of this pack

We are Karen & Kim and we WELCOME you!

We are looking for a few good people . . .Oh and some locations to travel to as well!

Welcome to Peddling Gypsies & Company! We are a unique family of roving entrepreneurs, selling our trinkets, wares, and services around the mid-Michigan. Whether you're an artist, a crafter, an upcycler or recycler, an herbalist, a soap maker, or a psychic artist or reader, we've got a place for you in our growing family. We take pride in offering our products and services at an affordable price, in a fun environment, so that everyone can enjoy the experience of a Peddling Gypsies' event.

Join us as we work together with each other,

and those with "brick & mortar" establishments to showcase one another.


Hey owner...YES YOU!!!

Looking for some standout advertising to boost your traffic?

We are super excited to provide the most unique and fun events imaginable. With the warmer months just around the corner, Peddling Gypsies is a perfect way to give your business the extra attention it deserves.

Our events with a big display of tents, people roaming around,

and hearing the laughter & fun draw in crowds!!! 

This gives you free advertising and a fresh way to bring traffic through your doors.

So don’t wait, book your event now - the Spring & Summer weekends fill up quickly! Get ready for an unforgettable event that you, your customers, and even Peddling Gypsies will enjoy and love to talk about for months afterwards!


Contact us for more information or to jump on the Caravan!

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Karen of
The Kraft Room &
The Magickal Mediums

Kim of 
Draagona Essentials &
The Magickal Mediums

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