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Craftsmanship spirit is a professional spirit, that is reflected in the dedication and devotion of the object being crafted.

The Kraft Room's Store offers a delightful selection of mixed media for purchase.

As you explore our products, you’ll discover unique and one-of-a-kind items.

What’s even better is that everything in the store can be customized to create the perfect gift for that special someone.
Whether you’re looking for handmade decorations or personalized gifts, The Kraft Room has something for everyone! 🎨✨

The Kraft Room is full of Handmade products!


Online store coming soon

All jewelry
Upcycled & Handmade 

Long necklaces, chokers,
bracelets, rings,
boho hair bling,
jean jewels


Beautiful Jewelry


Custom Orders
See something you like but want it a "little different".
Let me know!  I can do that!

This is George, he is currently our "Promoter"
He has worked himself to the bone!

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