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Listens 2 Spirits?

Who? When? Where? Why this name?

Thank you for stopping by.

I appreciate your interest and hope to explain how creative spirits and supernatural spirits are combined in my world.

The idea behind the name Listens2Spirits, and the definitions at the top of each page, is to show how many different ways we have "spirit" in our lives that we should listen to.

We often ignore some of the opportunities our spirit provides, or even craves.

Focus on finding joy, even when life is challenging, stay in touch with your inner spirits, and find inspiration and guidance from your own Spirit Team. 

Please let me help you connect to your creative Spirit and your spirit team, friends, & family.

Let's make pretty things and communicate with the Spirit realm.

The Spirit of Me

About Me

My spiritual journey is an ever-evolving quest for knowledge. To foster this growth, I co-founded Spiritual Connections, a group of Spiritual beings having a human experience. We meet biweekly, usually in Mt. Morris. Our meetings are a nurturing space where we support, care for, and learn from one another. This profound experience has propelled me to become an even better Spiritual Medium. Sharing my gift with others has been immensely rewarding, and I am deeply grateful for these transformative encounters. I cherish the ability to communicate with my Spirit Team, even when their messages are challenging. Their guidance and lessons have proven invaluable to both myself and my clients.

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